The Property Intelligence
and Site Finding Platform

A Powerful Mapping Platform

OneMap brings a huge amount of property and planning information together on a single web-based platform that is simple to use.

It is powered by a database containing unique information for every single property in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Geelong and Ballarat – over 4.2 million properties.

Find development sites your way with powerful Filters

Adjust 30 unique filters to find development sites that meet your needs. Change the filters as much as you like, and find as many sites as you want. The speed and power of our filters is unprecedented.

Filter everything from access to public transport, schools, shops, open space and more.  Filter by planning zones and controls, site area and development constraints.

Speak to us about adding your own custom filters to suit your industry.

Plan your site and surrounds

View and analyse over 30 mapping layers across an entire city or drill down to your site for more detail – export any map you create. Integrate your own data and have custom maps made just for you.

With OneMap, anyone in your organisation can undertake complex property and planning analysis.

Create site Reports at the click of a button

Instantly create Site Reports for any property in metropolitan Melbourne or Sydney, and Geelong, with site-specific information not available anywhere else.

Compare your site against others with our Site Comparison Reports.

Understand and Analyse sites

Identify locations and undertake gap analysis with our Analyser Tool.

Combine your data with ours to truly understand your location. Test location scenarios and verify your draft plans.

CoreLogic RP Data Professional inside OneMap

Connect to your existing RP Data Professional account to access real estate data directly within OneMap.

See Sales History, Estimated Value, & Suburb Insights. Create Site Reports with RP Data Professional Property Details & Photos.

Search for Comparable Sales & Listings – create Comparable Reports.

CoreLogic Cordell Connect inside OneMap

Visualise the pipeline of developments in your area.

Filter Cordell Connect Projects based on Category, Stage, Project Details and Status.

Analyse Projects across Metropolitan regions, create multi or single Project reports and export Projects to Excel.

Built for the Property & Planning Community

OneMap has been specifically designed by people who work in the planning and property community.

There isn’t anything like OneMap available to our industry. It is groundbreaking and will change the way you work.

Create Site Reports to inform your marketing campaign and compare your site to others on the market. Find properties for prospective purchasers using our property filters.
Save hours of work by creating comprehensive site reports on any property. Truly compare your property to others that you have valued. Analyse your own sales and valuation data.
Find development opportunities using our property filters  and compare potential development sites using our Site Comparison Reports. Understand the development activity in your area with our mapping layers.
Undertake metropolitan, municipal wide and local planning using Filters, thematic maps and mapping layers – integrate and analyse your own layers. Use the Analyser tool to identify and test locations for new infrastructure.
Generate Site Reports instantly for your planning applications – understand your site’s planning zones and controls, site features, accessibility and context. Undertake detailed planning with our thematic maps and 30 mapping layers.  Export any map you create.